Published in: March 2012

Guide: How to Care for Leather Bags

Fine leather bags—the end product of painstaking, ritualized craftsmanship—deserve to be treated with care. Here's how to protect your investment piece in five easy steps

Hermès Etribelt bag in smooth Togo calfskin, from the Spring-Summer 2012 collection

A leather bag is a special, near-universally beloved object, appreciated in equal measure by bon-vivants of both sexes, who cherish the supple hand, understated burnish and heady smell that can only emanate from premium quality skin. 

Remember, however, that your Valextra Boston and Mulberry Bayswater aren't wrought from metal or ceramic. They are organic artefacts, and as lustrous as your new purchases may be, they will, when left to their own devices, become desiccated and dull. That is why maintenance of your leather bags and other small accoutrements is so crucial, if you want to enjoy them for as long as possible. Here’s how, beginning with a glossary of terms you should know if you want to take proper care of your specific leather carrier.   

Know Your Skins

How to Clean

How to Condition

How to Weatherproof

How to Store

Some Final Tips

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