Greg's Shoe Repair

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Shoes • Luggage • Belts • Purses • Zippers • Cracked or worn leather • Straps • Handles • Anything leather
Other services
Reconditioning • Color matching • Relining services • Wheel replacement • Tennis resoling

Shoe Care Products

If you take pride in your new footwear, it is important that you take proper care of it. After a while, leather will show creases from walking or rough patches from wet and cold conditions. Our shoe care products are formulated to cover scratches, renew colour and impregnate the leather upper, meaning your much-loved footwear will maintain its original style and shape.

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Shoe Repair Benefits

  • Save money versus buying a new pair
  • Keep your comfortable favorites
  • Ultra-convenient using our mail-in bag
  • Factory quality materials
  • Factory quality workmanship
  • Repairing your shoes, boots and sandals is environmentally friendly!